Have you ever wondered what people say about you?

When we started Tick Tock Boom 6 years ago, this was the main question. What people say about you, what people say when talking to their fans and followers, what news sites write without your input, what bloggers think of you… Our adventure in social media monitoring begun with these question.

The need to know what people talk about our brands has led us to create the most comprehensive solution for social media monitoring: BoomSonar Suite. BoomSonar Suite is an integrated social media business platform to monitor, measure and analyze social media and web, manage social media assets, manage online reputation of brands and leaders and take immediate action. The all-in-one social media business platform was molded for the needs of brands, forged in numerous crises and polished for easy usage by global audiences.

Today, Tick Tock Boom is a leading social media monitoring, digital PR and online reputation agency, serving hundreds of global brands, companies and leaders. During our journey, we have monitored the most important events of social media, managed numerous crises and dealt with numerous threats to brands.

This blog is the outcome of our vast experience in social media monitoring, analysis and measurement. We created this blog to help digital marketing and social media professionnals, providing the latest news and comprehensive articles on social media and monitoring.

Our blog will cover topics on web and social media monitoring, social media analytics, online reputation management and social media marketing.

Welcome to Social Media Monitoring!

Educated in business management, Fırat has experience in the publishing industry, marketing consultancy and project management. Currently working as Research and Development Specialist at Tick Tock Boom.

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