8 Must Ask Questions for a Successful Social Media Competitor Analysis

Social media is tough for business competition, and it’s getting tougher each year. Now the large companies don’t always have the upper hand in marketing and advertising with their budgets, extensive teams and prestigious agencies. A small company or a startup with a strong and catchy social media plan may take part at any competitive level. Of course this doesn’t happen with just inspiration. You should listen, monitor and analyze the competition and get intelligence about their social media activity. Social media monitoring is the heart of this intelligence gathering. It’s better to see the social media competitor analysis as a way
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Have you ever wondered what people say about you?
When we started Tick Tock Boom 6 years ago, this was the main question. What people say about you, what people say when talking to their fans and followers, what newspapers write without your input, what bloggers think of you… Our adventure in social media monitoring begun with these question.
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